Who we are

Our mission is to help and nurture major market and national talent while accommodating our clients' professional and personal goals. We know the communications business, we understand the issues important to broadcast talent, and we know how to represent and protect our clients' interests. We offer each client personalized services, from customized job search and contract negotiation to career management and consultation. Since we represent only a select number of people, we are accessible and loyal to our clients, and we are able to devote the time and effort required by each client's individual circumstances.


Ross Eatman, ESQ

Bedford, NY




After graduating from Dartmouth College and Boston University Law School, Ross served as a judicial law clerk, taught law school in Boston, and published extensively in legal journals.


Ross has more than thirty years’ experience representing talent and negotiating broadcast and entertainment employment agreements.  From 1987 to 1993, Ross served as Executive Director/General Counsel and chief negotiator for the Philadelphia Local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (AFTRA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).  Ross represented on-air television and radio news and programming talent in labor negotiations with the major broadcast networks and owners, and also represented film actors, musicians, and other performing arts talent.


Ross heads the New York office of Eatman Media Services, Inc. and oversees the agency's television news representation activities, as well as an extensive radio personality clientele through Robert Eatman Enterprises, Inc.  His negotiating and contract expertise cover a range of entertainment and performance-based media, including network and local television news, weather and sports; local, syndicated, and satellite radio; digital-originated and distributed programming; media intellectual property rights; and commercial and print projects that grow out of talent’s on-air work.


Ross is familiar with performers and the arts from a personal perspective - namely, as a performer himself. Ross is an accomplished jazz and classical pianist, and an active and widely exhibited photographer.


 Ross can be contacted at emstalent@aol.com or rosseatman@gmail.com.



Todd Foos

Chicago, IL


Sr. Vice-President


Todd attended Indiana University, where he majored in Telecommunications, and he thereafter earned his law degree from DePaul University in Chicago.


Todd has been representing broadcast television talent for twenty-seven years; he joined Ross and Robert Eatman in 1994 at the inception of Eatman Media Services, Inc.  He has long-established relationships with news managers from coast to coast and has an impressive record for developing talent, obtaining new jobs and negotiating great deals for our clients.


In addition to his talent representation work, Todd oversees the Chicago office's job search efforts and other essential services for our clients, including the accumulation, maintenance and editing of resume links for all of our represented talent.


Todd can be contacted at toddfoos1@gmail.com.



Television News and Programming


We represent approximately 100 television news personnel:  anchors, general assignment and specialty reporters, weather and sports talent, program hosts, and a select contingent of talented producers.  We are in daily contact with news management, consultants, producers, and other television decision-makers and thus are specially situated to explore the job market for our clients.


We have clients in almost all of the top 25 markets and at the major broadcast and cable news networks and devote much of our placement efforts to Top 25 and network positions.  We provide our clients in smaller venues with the tools, consultation, and job search expertise they need to reach that level.


We are hands-on representatives, offering detailed critiques of our clients' work, assembling and updating resume tapes, discussing our clients' goals, and helping plan their careers.  Our job search efforts rely on personal contact with news and programming managers, and entail following up every individual reel, link and resume that we send out.


Because of our background, we have superior skills and knowledge in the negotiating and legal aspects of our work, and we devote a good deal of preparation and efforts to each contract negotiation.  Our work has given us a comprehensive understanding of contract standards and practices of all major broadcast owners, and we employ this knowledge to protect the interest of our clients.  Our agents have the sophistication and expertise to negotiate and draft agreements that end with securing a position for a client.  We are in frequent consultations with our clients -- and, if appropriate, with their managers -- about employment conditions.

Radio Programming


We represent top morning radio personalities and radio talk show hosts around the country, and count among them syndicated personalities and some of the biggest names in the business.


Our reputation and successful track record in radio ensure our continued access to the leading industry decision-makers and afford us with an insider track to major local, network and syndication opportunities.