Who We Are
 Eatman Media Services, Inc., is a full service talent agency with offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With its staff of highly trained and experienced agents, EMS is uniquely equipped to serve the needs of elite talent. Started in 1994, EMS quickly established itself among the top ranks of representation agencies and has since secured a formidable reputation based on principles of integrity, hard work, and professionalism. All of our agents are attorneys with extensive legal and negotiating backgrounds in the broadcast and entertainment fields. Because of our backgrounds, we have superior skills and knowledge in the negotiating and legal aspects of our work. We devote a good deal of preparation and effort to each contract negotiation.
Ross Eatman, ESQ Bedford, NY
 After graduating from Dartmouth College and Boston University Law School, Ross served as a judicial law clerk, taught law school in Boston, and published extensively in legal journals. Ross has twenty-nine years of experience in representing broadcast talent and in negotiating broadcast and entertainment employment agreements. In 1987, Ross was retained as Executive Director and General Counsel for the Philadelphia Local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (AFTRA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the national unions that represent on-air talent. As AFTRA/SAG's chief negotiator and counsel in Philadelphia, Ross represented on-air television and radio news and programming talent in dozens of labor negotiations with the major broadcast networks and broadcast owners. He also represented film actors, musicians, and other performing arts talent during his tenure with AFTRA and SAG. Ross currently heads the New York office of Eatman Media Services, Inc. and oversees the agency's television news representation activities. Ross, like his brother Bob, is familiar with performers from a personal perspective - namely, as a performer himself. Ross is an accomplished jazz and classical pianist and composer. Ross can be contacted at emstalent@aol.com.
Robert Eatman, ESQ Pacific Palasades, CA
 Robert graduated from Indiana University with a degree in both Business and Music Performance. He thereafter played French horn professionally throughout Europe and the U.S. Subsequently, Robert earned a J.D. from Kent School of Law in his native Chicago. After practicing with a Chicago law firm, Robert represented the business interests of performers as executive and negotiator with AFTRA, SAG, and AGMA. He then negotiated the production of television series for networks and syndicators while working in Business Affairs for Fox Broadcasting Company, facilitating the production of Peter Pan and The Pirates and other Fox productions. The relationships Robert developed with radio and television personalities and broadcast executives formed the core of his business when he founded his own talent agency, Robert Eatman Enterprises, and with his brother, Ross, started Eatman Media Services, Inc. Today, Robert Eatman represents impressive talent, including the best-known names in entertainment and many up-and-coming artists. He has extensive negotiating and contract expertise in a range of entertainment platforms, including radio syndication, television, web, and new media. Robert can be contacted at Robert@roberteatman.com.
Todd Foos, ESQ Chicago, IL
 Todd attended Indiana University, where he majored in Telecommunications, and he thereafter earned his law degree from DePaul University in Chicago. Todd has been representing broadcast television talent for twenty-seven years; he joined Ross and Robert Eatman in 1994 at the inception of Eatman Media Services, Inc. He has long-established relationships with news managers from coast to coast and has an impressive record for developing talent and obtaining new jobs for our clients. In addition to his talent representation work, Todd oversees the Chicago office's job search efforts and other essential services for our clients, including the accumulation, maintenance and editing of resume links for all of our represented talent. Todd lives in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and three children. Todd can be contacted at toddfoos1@gmail.com.