What qualities do you look for in talent?

We look for strong presentation skills, dedicated work habits, and good character. We also are interested in talent who bring specialty skills or expertise to their work: we count among our clients investigative reporters, credentialed meteorologists, business anchor/reporters, and expert contributors.


Are you accepting new clients?

EMS is always interested in reviewing the work of fresh and veteran broadcast talent. Due to our personal approach, however, only a limited number of new clients will be accepted.


How do I submit my material to Eatman Media?

Send a link of your on-air materials to: EMSTALENT@GMAIL.COM


What should be on my resume link?

We are interested in a link or reel that presents you in your best light and shows the range of your abilities. But you need not assemble a special link for us. For news reporters and anchors (including sports talent), we like to see some live work, several packages, and anchoring. For weather talent, we would request several weathercasts, a live show and at least one package.


Do you represent talent in small markets?

Yes. We are willing to review and critique a tape from anyone who submits one to us. Though our clients are predominantly in the top 30 markets, most began in smaller markets. Indeed, most major market and network newspersons started in small markets and worked their way up. We are selective, but we also take pride in helping talent in the early stages of their careers develop skills and work habits that will equip them for moves to larger markets.


What distinguishes EMS from other agencies?

First, the individual attention that we give to our clients allows us to represent them more effectively. We know our people and work closely with them to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.  This personal attention extends from giving detailed feedback on clients' tapes to thorough preparation and consultation with them during every phase of contract negotiations. Our constant accessibility makes such personalized representation possible.


Second, we have an outstanding reputation for integrity and high-quality advocacy. We are scrupulous about confidences, and have a reputation for trustworthiness and discretion. We are zealous advocates for our clientele and are ambitious and energetic in pursuing their interests. We are respectful in our interactions with management, and this professionalism inures to our clients’ advantage.


Finally, our legal, negotiating, and contract expertise gives us a distinct edge in a business increasingly demands such sophisticated training and skills.


Who makes the resume links, and who pays the costs of phone calls, mail, and other communication?

We compile and edit client resume links and then send out individual client links, with a resume and personalized cover letter, and do not charge our clients for any of the costs associated with the assembling of links. Nor do we charge our clients for any phone or other routine costs connected with our representation services.


How long has Eatman Media been operating?

Our company has been in business since 1994.


How many agents work for EMS?

There are two principal agents in our group: Ross Eatman in New York and Todd Foos in Chicago. All had experience representing broadcast talent prior to joining Eatman Media Services, Inc.


Do you represent off-air personnel such as producers and news management?

We represent a number of specialty producers, and, in select cases, EMS extends its services to management personnel.